Building from solid foundations.

Shaping, building and evolving digital video products since 2006.

Ostmodern specialise in creating innovative video-centred products. From a complete end-to-end design and build, through to a discrete part of a large project, we’re experts in delivering products which perfectly balance end-user and business needs.

We’re a team of over 100 consultants, designers, engineers and broadcast industry experts. Highly collaborative in our approach, we work alongside our clients to define product strategies, design services, build products and manage the support and evolution of their live products.

We deliver bold, inventive thinking, backed by expert knowledge.

Making our own Products

We don't just build products for other people; we make our own, too. There are two reasons for this. Building a rock-solid back-end and CMS framework like Skylark gives us a tool that we can use to power our clients' products. This isn't a white label template - it is a fully-serviced back-end solution that provides unlimited UX flexibility. It isn't the right choice for every client but when it is, Skylark is a powerful part of our toolkit.

Second, it's sometimes good to learn about your clients' business the hard way: by trying it for yourself. That's what we did when we created Cirkus, our video-on-demand service providing British content to Scandinavia. It has been a fascinating learning experience and clients are more comfortable taking our advice when they know that we have first-hand experience of running this kind of product.

A modern headless CMS for rich media products

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