UTV Player

We reinvented the on-demand TV experience for Northern Ireland's UTV.

Star Player

UTV, a key commercial TV channel in Northern Ireland, commissioned Ostmodern to design and build a state-of-the-art on-demand video player.

The new dedicated service provides catch-up TV across all platforms and devices in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic and was part of wider plans to increase the channel's market share in the Republic.

UTV Player

Catching up

Reviewing the existing UTV Player we found three key trends: the majority of viewing in a given week was made up of between four and eight programmes; programmes shown the previous night were the most watched by a large margin and catch-up viewing fell dramatically once a show was more than seven days old; finally, most catch-up viewing was being done on tablets and desktop PCs at work, before 9am and at lunchtime.

We used these findings to create a flexible homepage with a modular structure so that editorial teams could give prime position to the most popular content at any given time.

It has been a pleasure to work with Ostmodern. Their constant enthusiasm, collaborative approach and depth of experience ensured that every aspect, from research insights to build, was spot on and delivered with friendly efficiency.

Morgane Campioni, Director of Online Channels, UTV

UTV Player

Great on any screen

We delivered a market-leading product with user satisfaction and engagement at its heart, without compromising UTV's free, ad-funded proposition. In fact, we developed new sponsorship packages to support additional revenue opportunities. The new service is scaleable and designed for expansion - it will soon accommodate live programming from UTV in addition to the present on-demand service.

We created a responsive design that would look great whether it was viewed on a desktop or laptop PC, a tablet or smartphone and regardless of whether the viewer uses Mac or PC, Apple iOS or Android. We worked closely with UTV's existing internal infrastructure to create a system that allows simultaneous deployment across iOS, Android and web, reducing the workload on the editorial team.

UTV Player

Telly addicts

The new Player gives a clean and contemporary feel to the UTV brand that meets the needs of viewers, advertisers and sponsors. The success of the project has led to UTV bringing our UX, design and build expertise to the wider UTV website, with the aim of creating a more engaging experience for the channel's audience.

Usage doubled on 12 months

Our work with UTV has seen the number of monthly VoD streams more than double inisde one year

Improved performance

UTV plater has not only matched the target KPIs, it's exceeded them all too. Midpoint 2015 has shown record breaking metrics on every tracked KPI.

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