Ostmodern created a unique international destination for exclusive football content for News Corp.

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The Big Match

News Corp approached Ostmodern to build a digital product around its newly acquired European football highlights for Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Working with a global team, we built BallBall, a multilingual destination combining near-live video, fixtures, results and a stream of text and video articles from England's Barclays Premier League, Spain's La Liga, Germany's Bundesliga, Italy's Serie A and the French Ligue 1.


Talking tactics

BallBall was an ambitious and complex project with a tight deadline. We opted to build from the ground up with the Django web framework; with a bespoke CMS and front-end we were able to create a unique and highly-tailored product. We used the Phonegap wrapper to produce the Android app, which combines in-game clips with live metadata to create rolling updates throughout every Barclays Premier League match.

Create an Android soccer app that plays in-game clips and match highlights from Europe's top five football leagues. It must contain live stats, match reports and news articles. We need it in English, Japanese, Indonesian and Vietnamese. And we want a website that does exactly the same. You've got 10 weeks. They did it. They did it brilliantly... and they keep doing it

Wayne Caba, Head of Product, BallBall


International Football

Bringing together five major European football leagues and delivering a product to three countries makes BallBall a truly international product but it was international behind the scenes too. Ostmodern worked with teams spread across five continents to bring the product to life. The content is hosted by News UK, video transcoding is handled by Fox Sports Australia, the editorial team is in Singapore - supported by translation teams in Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam - and the News Corp team is split between New York and London. We worked closely with these partners across the globe to get the product up and running within the tight deadline.


Pass and move

We worked closely with News Corp's editorial team to make sure the BallBall CMS provided them with all the tools they needed to create and edit text and video articles, send them for translation into the site's other languages and then upload them to the homepage. BallBall is delivered from an auto-scaling architecture on Amazon Web Services that ingests around 3GB of data in 1,100 files from Opta in a three-hour span every match day. We deliver updates to our users faster than TV broadcasters.



To deliver such a complex project in such a short timeframe was an enormous challenge but the result is a product that saw 3000% month-on-month usage increases in the first 4 months after launch. BallBall delivers the kind of comprehensive, up-to-the-second service that football fans demand and it does so with simplicity and style.

11,000,000 visitors

We redesigned ballball in 2014, the aim was to put video content front and centre. This resulted in 11,000,000 unique visitors and a 39% increase in video views

100% increase

The average number of videos being viewed increased by 100%

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