Ostmodern provided strategic consultancy, UX and design for “maxdome”; a relaunch of ProSieben’s SVOD OTT service, which puts the human touch back into content curation

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A full redesign

Working closely with maxdome’s internal product development teams, we developed the underlying vision and strategy for maxdome’s ‘Human Inspiration’ concept, before designing the responsive web, native app and smart TV interfaces of the product.


Guiding content discovery

ProSieben approached Ostmodern after carrying out early market and customer research, which indicated that their maxdome product should do more to “take the helplessness out of choosing what to watch”. Ostmodern progressed this idea, developing the concept of “Entscheidungs-Unterstützung” into a hard working product strategy - while taking full account maxdome’s editorial and technical setup. The line of reasoning progressed into an experience which provides users with a range of human-driven recommendation mechanics.

Key to the concept was the use of ‘maxperten’ - real people who serve as highly visible editors throughout the UI, guiding users around the content. Ostmodern helped maxdome develop strategic and editorial approaches for maxperten, such as the topics they cover, ways they would develop over time, and how the different kinds of ‘maxperte’ would present users with a varied - and very human - way of curating content.

The re-launch of maxdome’s SVOD service has been our most ambitious project to date, made all the more challenging by the timeframe. Ostmodern’s strategic grasp of the VOD market, unique insight into how viewers behave and its approach to UX and design made this possible.

Filmon Zerai, Managing Director and COO at maxdome

The human touch

The new maxdome service incorporated a completely redesigned user interface across web, native app and TV devices, with Ostmodern’s strategic positioning focused on enhancing engagement and informing a change in viewer behaviour. We designed each platform from the ground up so that it supported a shift towards human recommendations, simplifying navigation across all devices and offering an experience that goes above and beyond what’s available from other market players.


Rapid realisation

The entire redesign was delivered in just five months. Ostmodern began work on the project in December 2015, with the platform overhaul designed and implemented quickly to help maxdome refresh its core offering and meet its business goals.

To deliver against such short timeframes, Ostmodern created the overarching design concepts, and then shared the delivery across different platforms with maxdome’s internal design teams. This required constant collaboration, with daily show-and-tells and regular face-to-face workshops to share progress and keep the delivery on schedule.


Delivering something unique

Working closely together, Ostmodern and maxdome have thoroughly refreshed how people engage with video content. The redesigned maxdome site brings a unique proposition to VOD - it emphasises a very human touch in the way it invites users to navigate and explore. It delivers a product with personality, leading users to re-interpret popular content, while less well known content is surfaced in compelling new ways.

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