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Changing the channel

ITV approached us in 2011 to redevelop ITV Player, which launched in 2009, into a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. Initially our brief was to focus on quick, pragmatic user experience wins. Those improvements significantly boosted the average number of shows users viewed per session. After that, Ostmodern worked on all aspects of Player and took the role of ITV's 'UX guardians' for the product.

ITV Player

Looking ahead

After our initial work streamlining the product, Ostmodern were asked to define the future strategy for ITV Player, considering how the service should work across all devices including mobile, tablet, desktop, smart TVs and games consoles. In response we delivered an actionable plan including product insights and development roadmaps that allowed stakeholders to commit to a shared and highly compelling vision for the future of ITV Player.

They brought clear thinking, imagination and attention to detail to helping shape the new ITV Player and were an integral part of the product and implementation teams.

James Hewines, Head of Product, ITV Player

ITV Player

Going mobile

In the last four years, our work on ITV Player has included adding a pay proposition, enhanced iOS and Android functionality and developing products for games consoles and smart TVs. Our work with tablets and other mobile devices built on ITV's existing work and significantly improved the user experience, adding live simulcast and other improvements.

ITV Player

Web Platform

Ostmodern created the backend tailored to YouView's requirements, along with a bespoke CMS. The system is simple for day-to-day use but its modular nature means that it can be developed quickly and expanded based on realtime data from the YouView set-top box.


Our partnership with ITV has allowed Ostmodern to draw on our deep understanding of video-on-demand, together with our ability to deliver products that work for users and for the brand's other stakeholders. Ostmodern's work on ITV Player has demonstrated our ability to continue to deliver value for clients on deeper and deeper projects., An integral partner since the beginning

An integral partner since the beginning

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