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Best of British

We partnered with Content & Co and Wiggin Media Law to create a VoD service that would capitalise on the UK's unrivalled television programmes and tap into territories with a big appetite for British content. The partnership was a perfect fit: three partners representing the best of British companies coming together to create a 'Best of British' channel.

With ongoing content partnerships with BBC Worldwide, ITV, A3MI and Endemol, Cirkus is able to offer an unbeatable collection of top-rated British drama, comedy and factual series to the Nordic market. The service includes a minimum of 24 complete seasons of different TV franchises at any one time and they are regularly refreshed and often exclusive.

Cirkus TV

Finding a Market

We began by researching territories that might provide the best audience. We discovered that British TV dramas consistently outperform American drama series in the Nordic countries, especially Sweden. Furthermore, appetite for British drama in those countries was underserved and local broadcasters were keen to find a way to feature more British drama.

Ostmodern instinctively understand how the distribution of content is developing in today's world. They know how to build bridges between products and customers. They don't just come up with perfect designs: they create something unique.

Hugh Williams, co-founder and director, Cirkus

Tackling OTT

Our research identified another trend: in the UK and the Nordic territories, pay TV subscriptions are being eroded as viewers opt to supplement or replace their established provider with an OTT SVoD service, such as Netflix. It became clear that there was an opportunity to help operators protect their top tier subscription base by offering a premium VoD product that would add value to the service.

Cirkus TV

Design lead by consumer insight

The service took shape as the Ostmodern team dug deeper into consumer trends to identify some of the triggers underpinning adoption and loyalty. We identified four key trends:

  1. Box-set binging: Nordic viewers, like those in the UK and the US, are increasingly interested in on-demand box sets that free them from scheduling and let them binge on several episodes per session.
  2. TV everywhere: The Nordic countries are among the best-served in the world when it comes to 3G and 4G mobile internet access and are well-equipped to consume content on the move.
  3. Second screening: Again like viewers elsewhere, Nordic consumers are increasingly using a second screen while watching TV to complement, share or organise a viewing experience, or simply to multi-task.
  4. Convenience: Viewers now expect a large choice of entertainment options to be available whenever it suits them.
Cirkus TV

Classically Ostmodern

Ostmodern's deep expertise in user experience and interface design means that Cirkus is intuitively organised, easy to use and optimised for convenience, with all content available for streaming across devices at home and on the go. Launched in November 2013, Cirkus is now available on Com Hem, Boxer, TeliaSonera, Get and Vodafone across Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

500+ hours

Cirkus has over 500 hours of quality scripted drama including brand new series and new seasons of hit franchises

350,000 households

Cirkus is currently available in over 350,000 households in the Nordics

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