Since 2006 we have been working with Channel 4 on its groundbreaking VoD service.

Switched On

In 2006, before the iPhone and before the iPlayer, Channel 4 asked us to help develop their on-demand TV service, 4oD. We worked with them on the original service and we are still working with them today, having redesigned it from scratch to work across browsers, big screen TVs, tablets and smartphones.


The Big Screen

Channel 4's initial approach was a dream brief for Ostmodern. The broadcaster wanted to know what it should be doing with its on-demand service. We led workshops and strategy sessions with the Channel 4 team to learn as much as we could and to develop ideas. From there we created a set of functioning prototypes that helped to create the vision for the new product. Then we produced the product and strategy roadmaps to describe how the vision should be realised.

Ostmodern engage with every project they take on with boundless energy and creative intelligence.

Stephen Hardingham, Head of Design at Channel 4


Getting The Picture

We designed the 4oD user experience to be exceptionally rich and rewarding. The browser version combined powerful search and discovery tools with viewing management, which dramatically increased the number of videos watched in a session. When user research showed that many viewers immediately switch to full screen mode to watch a show, we created a new full screen experience that added extensive browsing and discovery options without interrupting the viewing session.

When redesigning the platform in 2011, we took a detailed look at when viewers are likely to want more information or to socialise around a topic. Based on what we learned, we developed a UX strategy that smoothed the transition between passive viewing and going deeper into editorial content or sharing views on social media.

TV To Go

Though 4oD predates the smartphone and tablet boom, it soon became clear that these devices would become popular viewing platforms for on-demand video. Since 2006 we have also seen on-demand TV services move back into the living room through games consoles, set-top boxes and connected TVs. Ostmodern helped to ensure that 4oD worked seamlessly on these new platforms and developed the blueprint for specific products for iPhone and iPad.


Prime Time

Channel 4 was a trailblazer with its VoD service and it has been exciting for us to be a part of it. Our work on the service represents many of Ostmodern's core principles, such as a focus on user-centred design and a holistic design that works with the brand, the content, the users and the commercial and technical requirements.

9 years and counting

We were involved with Channel 4's groundbreaking catch-up video product right from the start

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