Creating a subscription video-on-demand product aimed at today’s Global Urban Muslim

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Addressing the market

Having identified a gap in the market to offer inspiring television content to the cultured, modern Muslim, Alchemiya embarked on a project to create a global subscription VoD service.

The product is aimed at young, affluent Muslims living in cities all over the world, who are passionately integrated into contemporary global culture. Ostmodern developed the service from an early creative vision through to final implementation, launching the first iteration in early 2015.


Inspirational Ambitions

Alchemiya approached us with a bold ambition; create a product which presents the very best of the world’s Muslim video content and offer it to users through a state of the art broadcast quality service. A commitment to supporting creative talent from the Muslim community was also an extremely important part of the brief and this was achieved by focusing the service on editorial curation, both through acquisition and direct commissions. The product provides a positive celebration of worldwide Islamic culture, not only to those subscribing but also to the world at large.


Skylark flexibility

Ostmodern’s Skylark product drew Alchemiya to working with us as it offered much of the functionality they needed straight out of the box. This meant we could spend valuable time concentrating on developing a fully bespoke user experience and aesthetic for the product, rather than getting bogged down in backend and CMS technical development. Taking inspiration from the rich imagery and pattern filled aesthetic of Islamic art and architecture, we created a visually stunning interface with strong imagery, which reflects the richness and uniqueness of the content.


Curation and editorialisation

We ensured flexibility at the core of the product by developing a number of tools and methods on the backend to group and curate content. This functionality arms the Alchemiya editorial team with powerful curation opportunities and allows content not only to be grouped into editorial themes but to guide subscribers through engaging and diverse material. It’s a unique approach that sets the service apart from services which offer a less focussed content offering.

Impressive results

Despite the first release being a Minimum Viable Product with limited content, the number of subscribers immediately jumped to around 1,000 customers soon after launch with exponential growth week on week. Alchemiya and Ostmodern produced a product that everyone is rightfully very proud of, pulling on each others expertise, we created a product that is engaging for audiences the world over.

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