Weekly Round-up: 3rd-9th May

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It's weekly round up time again.

UX and Design

First up, some useful tips on how to design for better team experiences from UX Magazine’s Paul Brooks.

This Is Responsive have a handy list of design patterns and modules for responsive web design.


More evidence suggesting trends toward ‘cord cutting’ in the USA. Research from Experian, reported by Ooyala last month, suggests that, although the figures are still quite small - estimates in the report suggest around 6.5% of US households count themselves as cord cutters - these figures are growing rapidly.

In Russia, have announced a new online video service, Afisha The service is comprised of 3,000 rental titles with a further 4,000 ad-funded. There are plans in the pipeline for a subscription based service too. It will be interesting to see how well a pay-service does in a region which known for its high levels of video piracy.

State-side viewing figures suggests that despite American households now having access to an average of 189 channels, viewers stick to just 17 channels, according to Nielsen.

17/189 channels Nielsen

Source: Nielsen, 2014


Former Ostmodener Sally Jenkinson has written a great piece about digital preservation on her personal blog.

Perform – the company behind the football news brand Goal – have partnered with mobile voice provider Kirusa to launch a notification service in Africa, providing subscribers with daily and breaking voice and text updates to their mobiles.

OSGi Alliance’s Susan Schwarze says that we are now at a pivotal stage in the development of the connected home. Speaking to IP&TV News, she highlights the importance of building a modular infrastructure that will future-proof the ecosystem.

Apple are in talks to buy Dr. Dre’s Beats, with a figure of $3.2bn being banded around.

And finally

Research by SurveyMonkey tells you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about US consumer decisions when buying beer. Turns out taste is quite important.

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