Weekly Round-up: 26th April - 2nd May

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Here's your weekly round-up of stories, articles and infographics that have caught our attention this week.

UX & Design

Google have published a whitepaper documenting 25 principles for mobile site design. The principles are based on learnings from extensive user testing sessions and cover topics such as site navigation, commerce and usability. have released a native mobile app, which should help to overcome the issues of trying to view prototypes in device browsers.


BSkyB have announced plans to overhaul their set top box in order to fend off competition from Telcos and OTT services. The plans include the introduction of a cloud based recording system enabling customers to access their recordings across several devices.

On the subject of cloud based PVRs, Steve Kovach at Business Insider examines whether TV viewers should use the online PVR service Aereo, which is currently in a legal battle with major TV networks stateside over DRM issues. Legal issues aside, Kovach argues that, while Aereo is charging for a service that users could get for free anyway, as a concept it is an important innovation in both the TV industry and cloud computing.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, head of Dreamworks Animation has come up with a novel way to charge viewers for watching for films. Katzenberg suggests earlier home video release with different rates for different screen sizes.


Happy Birthday to BASIC, which turned 50 on Thursday.

An Ofcom report shows that tablet use by 65-74 year olds more than trebled to 17% between 2012 and 2013, while Internet access by the same group increased by over a quarter to 42%. However, the report also suggests that older people are still least likely to watch or download TV programmes and films and use Internet banking and social media services.

See how much tech companies make in real time, courtesy of World Pay Zinc

And finally

A Chinese construction company is building 3D-printed houses for a cost of approximately £3,000 per unit. Or approximately 0.74% of a flat in London...

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