Roundup 01 : 29 April - 3 May

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So, here it is. The first roundup of things that interested (some of) us here at Ostmodern over the past week. From dogs on skateboards to life changing industry news - anything flies in here:


A disappointing lack of dancing babies and flying toasters but we were pleased to see the FIRST EVER website back online.

Google Now continues to develop as it lands on iOS devices. Quite creepy, but quite cool, predictive search thing - tells you what you need to know before you know you need to know it.

A nice bit of viral work that may or may not encourage you to go buy a new or used car on finance from Evans Halshaw is the James Bond car history. No mention of the crushed losing-their-cool VW Beetles from Skyfall sadly.

Roundup01: Bond Cars

Far away in time... Women & Tech sit down with Martha Ladly.

Manchester City Council have launched a shiny new responsive website. Unfortunately (and understandably) it seems that only the homepage and the top sections have been overhauled, very quickly users will be funneled off to disparate microsites, payment pages, and the like.

Media types like bikes? Shocking revelation we know but The Grand Boucle exhibition at Kemistry Gallery looks like satisfying Ostmodern’s bike fetishists.

Roundup01: The Grande Boucle

Movement on FreeType at last. Your mobile may get some nicer text rendering in the near future as Adobe and Google team up on FreeType improvements.

Vdio, I dislike you. Jared Newman makes a scathing assessment of Vdio’s rather enthusiastic use of sharing.

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