Roundup 10 : 01 - 05 July

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No heatwave related puns here we're afraid. Regardless, here's a few nice links for you to have a peek at and get over your weekend with.


Streaming TV is definitely still a big deal for Xbox despite the Xbox One HDMI pass-through, with Time Warner Cable adding themselves to the list. The app will come to Xbox 360 later this summer.

With the injury record at Ost Towers this is one 3D printing idea we’d love to see come to light (only if you can get it in Ostmodern grey though).

See you at change.detect.pine later

Product Strategy means No is a slightly confrontational piece about how to balance scope and features on products. It’s an old adage, but it’s nicely articulated by Intercom.

BBC put their 3D programming on hold after it turns out that noone really can be bothered with 3D. With even the BBC pulling out, 3D is certainly on its last legs of relevance in the home.

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