Roundup 07 : 10 - 14 June

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Welcome to the blog post that apologises for any silence in the week, but makes up for it with an abundance of links for all those who did not trawl this week.

Sometimes it’s nice to see a very specific and powerful application solving real accessibility needs as well as some geek itch-scratching. Shortcat App is useful for all, but specifically gives powerful access to OSX for users with limited vision.

No web data competes with Google Trends without a fight, which is why we’re quite pleased they’ve done a nice visualisation of that precious data.

Netflix Lovefilm

Netflix or Lovefilm, the pub conversation everyone hates to hate. Thankfully, someone has compiled a rather tasty analysis of the content featured on both the services.

BBC Weather launch a new mobile app but it hasn’t blown us away as much as we’d hoped. It left some in the office a little cold. One for a rainy day perhaps.

AJE Syria

Sometimes, you get bored of infographics, but sometimes, one just blows you away. Al Jazeera’s incredible interactive infographic (AJIII?) effortlessly converts convoluted data into a concise observation for a wide audience. Demonstrating the relationships and family connections within Syria’s government, whilst combining this with defections, this is a true masterpiece.

Love the sunglasses decade indicators <3

We strive to use the most efficient workflows to get our designs drawn up, so we really appreciated these Omnigraffle tips from Todd Moy.

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