Roundup 06 : 03 - 07 June

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Friday! So much on our list of things to blog about. We’re compiling a rather tasty backlog, but for now, here’s a few things we've seen this week in summary.

User testing with Danny Dyer is as great as it sounds. We relinquish our claim to being authorities on VoD, passing the baton to Britain’s treasure. The star of many questionable films (though, apparently it’s just a bitter mob leaving these ratings) reviews VoD services with the kind of gusto not seen since he did that UFO show or that one where he gets punched in the face.

A combination of privacy fears and fascination at the discovery that gestures can be tracked using Wi-Fi signals in the home. Incredible research with far-reaching applications from control to security, through to, well, insecurity when there are snooping eyes.

Time for a tabloid reprieve. Sean Parker’s wedding plans act as some wonderful parable for Silicoln Valley excess.

Fan Box

The Fan box looks quite the desirable little thing, to some at Ostmodern towers. It’s a little bit like the Boxee saga again, but the OTT market is maturing, so who knows what this thing can do?

Even we’re a little tired of the Microsoft used games saga, but they continue like a steamroller. Now there are yet another set of press releases written in vague legalese about things that are far too legal for any consumer to be happy about. Giant Bomb un-sum it up nicely in a 40 minute video of confusion and expletives. More on this from us when we have the energy to give a further look at the sorry state of the DRM landscape.

We played with a lot this week, and got some great service from the team. A thanks goes out to them for a quick turnaround on some hotfixes.

That’s it. There’s no more. Go home!

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