Roundup 05 : 28 - 31 May

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This week was full of companies reinventing their reinventions, with Google, Everton and Microsoft all pedalling in questionable directions. We sum up a few other things that have caught our eye in the midst of a busy 4-day week.

Weekly Roundup 05

Everton’s disastrous re-cresting makes us feel like we were lucky to have so few bullets to dodge after our redesign. Of course, whether the customer is always right is another issue together. Was the 2000 version really something that needed saving?

Everton Crest

Random House have moved into gaming with the release of an interactive fiction novel that goes somewhat towards pointing at the future of publishing companies, if not publishing.

Rightster make a few more moves and link up with the Press Association to help them make more out of video.

Much thought and tinkering over UI transitions this week at Ost. We loved this blog post by Pasquale D’Silva on transitions, which is informative and accessible to transition newbies. Impressive use of animated gifs :-)

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