Roundup 04 : 20 - 24 May

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It's time to pack up and leave after an extremely busy week. We've just kicked off a number of new projects, but thankfully the email list has been brimming with good (and some, not so) links to share with you all.

Weekly Roundup 04

Martin Hollis of Goldeneye and Rare (RIP) gaming fame writes about why Monopoly is a good game.

The Tumblr fallout has jumped Marco Arment into revealing the real David in David Karp, the Tumblr founder who he thinks will be in on the long haul with Yahoo. There’s also a nice breakdown of the origins of Tumblr on The Daily Dot.

David Karp

Probably hoping to get in the “And other news” section on every major news site, here’s some beards with mini advertising.

Blippar launch their first TV ad on Channel 5, though you wonder who will have the app before they watch the Star Trek advert.

Mayer Tweet

Marissa Mayer does one of those dotcom-boss-type-things and lands a gaffe about the new Flickr launch that upsets rather a lot of photographers. “There’s no such thing as Flickr Pro today because there’s really no such thing as professional photographers anymore.” Perhaps whilst she’s in the guilty phase, one can ask for one’s Flickr Pro money back?

While we are on Flickr, we love this photo series of persona diptychs.

Nothing says that a platform is maturing like articles about accessibility popping up. Polar talk about the ergonomics of touchscreens at length for ReadWrite.

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