Roundup 03 : 13 - 17 May

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With some of Ostmodern landing this morning from a 3-day stint in New York, the office is a little jetlagged to say the least. We're struggling to find the hex code for how pale some of the staff are. Here is a product-packed weekly roundup for you to digest over your Friday afternoon snacks:


We’re hiring!

Before we start, let us remind you all that we are hiring developers and a project manager.

The real roundup

The omnipresent John Gruber looks at Facebook Home after reading TechCrunch’s rather potent observation that Facebook Home designers probably should have got on some Android phones and put down their iPhones.

New Google Maps

Google Maps has evolved at last, following in the footsteps of the rather impressive device-specific apps. You can ask for an invite right now.

Google (again!) launch a Spotify clone that is clearly an aim at the iCloud behemoth that looms over Google like a freightliner. The Guardian have a succinct analysis of the clumsily-named Google Play Music All Access.

Belanger 2

Did you see it? Have you been incessantly following our blog? You might not have seen it, so here’s a reminder that some of us loved the interview with the Apple photographer Peter Belanger.

Facebook, are you turning? Very interesting blog post on how rapidly users are adapting to, and working around the status quo of social networks. Particularly bad news for Facebook.

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