Roundup 02 : 7 - 10 May

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A gaggle of designers scream as Adobe kills off Fireworks and we are left wondering where we are going to get our state-driven vector loving design software now. Adobe also announce the absolutely inevitable move entirely to Creative Cloud, which we use already. If we’re honest, we rather like it. Don’t tell Adobe that - we’re still mad about Fireworks.

Channel 4’s chief exec David Abraham muses about the future of TV and the impact of digital broadcasting.

UX Data Vis

We liked reading Francis Rowland’s slides The happy couple: UX design and data visualisation Our favourite point was when he discussed interviewing users: “Don’t expect them to give you solutions. Rather, learn how they think about a topic; how they describe it; how you could frame your visualisation in a way that makes sense to them”. Thanks Francis!

Preventing spoilers on Twitter. 17 year old girl wins TV hackathon by creating a Chrome extension that lets you exclude tweets containing keywords you specify as spoilers. This reminds us of a similar effort from academia, which explains why this is a hard problem to solve.

Lastly, ITV enters exclusive partnership with Samsung for the ITV Player app on Android

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