Instagram's Vine-like video sharing is outstanding

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Instagram Video

It's official, after a few rumour mills. Instagram will now feature Vine-like video functionality, allowing users to record short clips of videos, using Instagram's infamous filters.

Vine has turned out to be - almost surprisingly - extremely popular, and has carved a niche that some doubted existed. I'm personally a huge fan. It gives purpose and limits to mobile video, something that has previously been blighted by short attention spans and data limits. The videos may be disposable but they are brief conversations in the same way that Tweets have unexpectedly become a major news and conversation source.

Lest we forget, Instagram has the edge over Vine too. Pre-baked multi-million users, and regardless of Vine's success, its identity is far removed from Instagram's aesthetic-loving users. The ability to create Vine-like videos, but just a little bit prettier is irresistible.

There's arguably space for a more polished, application that might make Vine look a little bit You've Been Framed in comparison.

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