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Ostmodern are glad to announce that a paper written by our UX team has been accepted to a workshop at CHI2013 to be held in Paris in April. The workshop “Exploring and Enhancing the User Experience for Television” is being organised by representatives from Google TV and the BBC and we are very excited to be attending. The accepted papers are all available online, but here are our picks that we are looking forward to learning more about.

The Future of Second Screen

Proposes a way to categorise second screen experiences; social sharing, gamification and extras and expanded experience. They go on to suggest that UX-driven algorithm design should be explored by the UX community, especially in collaboration with the data mining community.

Usability Challenges for Connected TV

TV VoD usability testing with eye tracking using Tobii Glasses

Deciding What to Watch: Paper Prototyping Interactive Group Recommenders for Television

Paper prototyping of TV recommendations with various groups of users to inform to design of context-aware group recommenders.

Co-designing Interactive TV Concepts and Contents with Older People

Working with older people to co-design appropriate TV technologies, allowing them to exploit the internet connectivity of modern TVs to access useful information and interact with other people through this trusted device.

The Challenges of Social TV

An outline of reasons why the adoption of social TV has been slow: TV is a multi-user device, TV viewing is becoming more time-shifted, and TV is a lean-back experience.

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