Hands on with Google Glass

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Ostmodern got the opportunity to try out Google Glass at the CHI conference in Paris this week. They were surprisingly light and comfortable to wear. Most impressive was the display, it was clear and well positioned in my field of vision. It helped that I had a similar sized head to the owner, as they are fitted to each person individually.

Google Glass Lucy

Using them was a little disappointing though, they did not like my accent and did not respond to me as hoped. The swipe touch control on the frame was an invisible and unintuitive way to wake up the device, but easily learned and repeatable.

They certainly drew attention with everyone in the workshop I attended, all were keen to discuss them and try them out. Having no spectacle glass means that people are intrigued to find out what they are, as they are obviously not for vision correction, even to those unfamiliar with the technology.

Strangers didn't seem to mind the potential for covert photos or videos being taken, but maybe this will change as people figure out what they are and what they are capable of. The voice control is public but any feedback from the device is private, shown only to the wearer. This raises interesting questions about how they will be used in public and what sort of dynamic it will create in social situations.

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