Building on Skylark in partnership with Tavant

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Tavant are forming a partnership with us for Skylark to become part of their core technology for delivering editorial platforms.

Skylark is a modern headless CMS for rich media products, built with flexibility as a central factor. This headless design allows Tavant to focus on building highly bespoke front-end experiences, removing the limitations of traditional web publishing content management systems.

Built on a robust API framework, it is designed specifically for rich media consumption across a range of platforms including web, mobile, TV, AR and VR. Skylark’s multi-dimensional scheduling system, gives customers unparalleled levels of control over their content, driving innovation in the broadcasting, sports, OTT and digital publishing sectors.

As a platform, Skylark will allow Tavant to develop rich, powerful products, supported by optimised workflows, with an emphasis on flexibility. It will further help Tavant be innovative in the way that they deliver experiences and technology to their customers.

Tavant will become a strategic integrator for Skylark, with Ostmodern working hand in hand with Tavant to deploy, configure, and integrate many more world leading products into this powerful platform.

Ostmodern's CEO Tom Williams said:

‘We’ve been looking for the right partner to go to market together and I feel that Tavant’s deep understanding of the media industry and their desire to innovate and challenge traditional assumptions of platforms are a perfect fit for Ostmodern.’

Ravi Peravali, Head of Tavant's Media and Entertainment practice, added:

‘We are delighted to be partnering with Ostmodern bringing Skylark to our customers who demand innovative, differentiated, user experiences. In an age where speed and flexibility provide competitive advantage, we felt Skylark was the right choice having been designed specifically to address the challenges faced by broadcasters and sports organisations.’

Richard Amos, Ostmodern’s CTO and SVP Technology, also commented:

‘Being able to bring Tavant on board as a Skylark partner is the next step in our strategy to enable talented organisations outside of Ostmodern to use our cutting edge technology to deliver real change in how rich media products are developed within the industry.’

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