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The concept of social journalism, where a mainstream publication integrates the majority of their site as a social community, is fairly recent. Platforms such as Buzzfeed and are challenging traditional journalism, allowing readers to use the same spaces as professional journalists. There’s an urgency for transparency, as opposed to authority. One of the most interesting online publishing platforms nowadays is Medium, developed by the co-founder and ex-CEO of Twitter, Evan Williams.

Medium has been heavily advocated by the tech, media and design communities. It’s become a creativity hub where innovation is discussed, shared and heightened on a daily basis by experts in these areas. This is a place for industry colleagues to meet and exchange insights, offer business advice, dissect their experiments and ponder the future.

Writing is made easy with its minimalist layout and the platform is inspiring non-writers to publish their thoughts regularly. Some of these contributors will then go on to create their own publications (or join others’). Much like traditional publications, Medium can include works by other writers and follow certain themes.

Medium Banner 'Ostmodern Stories' Publication at Medium

Ostmodern has created a Medium publication, titled ‘Ostmodern Stories’, where we will be encouraging colleagues to share insightful pieces on topics they have been working on or feel strongly about. We will also use the publication to analyse industry trends, publish our research learnings, and publicise the way we work.

We will keep updating our website’s blog with shorter reads, such as marketing announcements and Ostmodern news. As a consequence, we will be transferring some of the most interesting long-form posts from our blog to our Medium publication and offer our readers a new chance to read them.

We’ve also recently published a new article on the future of live sport and how young generations are driving change in entertainment, which you can find here. Meet us there?

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