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Venue is a revolutionary approach to PPV.

Through a combination of technology, insights and 20 years PPV experience; Venue is designed to grow predictable revenue streams and build lasting relationships with your PPV customers long-term.

Designed by Pay-Per-View specialists.

Ostmodern and Paywizard are specialists in creating, managing and delivering free-to-air and paid PPV events for live sports, media and entertainment.

Venue is built on nearly 20 years of experience delivering both PPV and subscription TV. The software and services solution is designed for rights holders, sports clubs, federation and broadcasters to go to market quickly and drive revenue immediately.

Central to our philosophy is the relationship between the operator and the customer. Venue provides data-driven optimisation of the content journey throughout the critical PPV customer Decision Moments.

Take a new approach to PPV and turn monetisation from single events into a long-term, evolved PPV service that creates loyal and lasting relationships with customers.

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