What does Yahoo's Tumblr acquisition mean for cats?

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Marissa Mayer's footprint is well and truly stamped on the 'new' Yahoo, sending a strong message of intent to Google and Facebook by buying Tumblr.

Tumblr is a huge network of blogs that you will have come across through work, pleasure, or looking for pictures of cats. Using a slick platform that was once the coding child of Marco Arment - of Instapaper brains until recently - Tumblr acts as a content-led social network that sets it apart from other networks. Whilst Twitter exhibits similar network effects, the 'audit trail' repost behaviour of Tumblr is somewhat unique in the way it manifests itself.

Tumblr Feed

As a Flickr user and a Tumblr fan, I am cautious about the news. Flickr has languished under Yahoo's control over the last few years and aged ungracefully, but Mayer's control may mean a different story for Tumblr.

Probably most ambiguous about this deal is what Yahoo will do about all the rather questionable IP violations, and even more controversially - all the porn (not sure this needs a link).

For now, the rollerskating cat photos are safe.

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