Weekly Round-up: 17th-23rd May

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Here's this week's list of news, views and general good stuff that has taken our interest this week.


Netflix are planning to launch in six new European territories, including France and Germany this year.

Five principles for effective advertising: storytelling, simplicity, relatability, humour and branding from Nielsen’s Randall Beard.

Meanwhile Google have come out on the side of Netflix in their long-running battle with ComCast over net neutrality.

Indie Record labels are in dispute with YouTube over their proposed music streaming service. YouTube, who are looking to compete with the likes of Spotify, are allegedly using coercing Indie artists to sign up to the service by threatening to block the music videos of those who don’t from their site.

The BBC’s involvement with YouView has been endorsed by the BBC Trust.

UX & Design

We’re now living a in an ‘experience economy’ according to UX Magazine. The blurring boundaries between online and offline experiences are resulting in companies putting increasing emphasis on good UX design.

Chris Clarke talks about creating a new weekend experience for users of The Guardian’s football sites.

The hidden beauty of airport runways is discussed by Joseph Flaherty in Wired.

Check out Oozled and webdesignpro for some pretty nice design resources.


Codeacademy is opening its first international office in the UK. The US start-up, which offers online programming courses, has already had 2 million Britons sign up to it’s service.

Hailo’s decision to open up their service to private hire vehicles has resulted in discontent and anger among London’s black cab drivers, report the BBC.

Global View

Data from Statcounter suggests that iOS is the number one mobile and tablet OS for browsing the Internet in Japan (62.66%) and Vietnam (53.48%), whilst Android is the most popular in Indonesia (54.03%). Android is the second most popular device in the first two regions, (36.29% and 30.11% respectively), whilst in Indonesia Series 40, the OS used by Nokia’s mid-range feature phones, is second most popular, accounting for 16.12% of mobile web browsing activities.

Indonesia mobile & tablet os May 2014

Source: StatCounter, 2014

And finally…

Robots which turn into furniture.

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