Weekly Round-up: 10th-16th May

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It's time for another weekly roundup


Pew Research have published a report into the Internet of Things. The report, which follows on from their 15 thesis about the future of the web, is part of a series marking the 25th anniversary of the web. The Guardian has listed 10 key learnings from the report.

Shiver me timbers! The Survey Bay has some fascinating insight into which torrenters gotta torrent. The site compiles over 75,000 responses to a survey of users of The Pirate Bay.

UX and Design

Tammy Guy offers design tips to help users get out of panic mode in UX Magazine.

Rameet Chawla takes a look at self service web design and its implications for designers and developers.


The final day of the Premier League season has been dubbed “Second Screen Sunday”, as fans followed the action through multiple devices, with Vigin Media reporting a 38% increase in the use of its TV Anywhere service.

YouView is increasing it’s staff size by 50% as it moves to challenge Sky’s dominance.

This year will see an increase in specialist and niche content SVOD services, according to Michael Dale, of open source video platform Kaltura. Among his predictions for VOD in 2014 were the flipped second screen, more socialised content and more harmonized CPMs across digital and terrestrial content.

In the States, Comcast and Turner have struck a deal to allow audiences to watch older content on demand. The deal will also allow advertisers to dynamically insert ads into on demand content.

Netflix now accounts for over a third of peak time Internet traffic in North America, according to research by Sandvine.

And Finally…

Better than life? A researcher at the University of California has created a 3D virtual representation of himself using three Kinects and an Oculus Rift.

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