UKTV brings catch-up to YouView

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UKTV, home of channels such as Dave - the channel named after everyone's best mate (excluding anyone without a best mate called Dave) - have announced that they will introduce catchup to their services on YouView.

Catchup is traditionally a rather expensive content proposition affordable only to elite channels and providers. YouView set out to change this, and UKTV's move proves that catchup is not just a toy for the big providers. Even more interesting is the fact that YouView, despite some pundits' fears that it might flounder, is expanding. Perhaps the real story is that someone outside the big-4 has made a decision that investing in catchup for YouView is a safe bet.

BBC's focus on original programming rather than historical content on iPlayer has left a big gap in the market that Dave has waded in on with its offering of older terrestrial content. In fact, as The Drum points out, their viewership has been increasing 45% year-on-year.

Adding catchup should increase UKTV's foothold in the market, although with Netflix gobbling up old content like a Hungry Hippo, it remains to be seen if they can compete with said over-the-top behemoth.

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