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We're delighted to be part of this year's TV of Tomorrow Show in New York City.

Held on Wednesday December 11, the fourth annual East Coast TVOT NYC 2013 Show brings together leading voices in the field to discuss, debate and share insights.

Ostmodern is the Show’s design partner, and our User Experience Director Tom Williams is part of a panel of design specialists and innovators in the 'Dragons of Design: Mapping the Crossroads of Design and Technology' session, which will be exploring how TV UI/UX designers are adapting and innovating in response to a range of emerging phenomena in the advanced-TV space. And, as part of the panel, he will be judging the best TV and video UI/UX designs for the Show’s Interface Showcase competition and exhibit.

If you’re in the neigbourhood, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jody or Tom @Ostmodern

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