The Nextbox will (might) plug into your cable box

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As if further proof were needed that the next Xbox isn’t just for gamers, The Verge announced today that cable boxes will be able to plug into the Durango, allowing it to present UI and features over the top of your set top box UI.

Whether they can actually pull this off remains to be seen, improved integration with cable providers has been touted since before the Xbox 360.

If they can, though, this could be a smart move from Microsoft, and a mutually beneficial one for them and the cable providers, at least in the short term. Xbox strengthens it’s proposition as king of home entertainment by allying with another cornerstone of the living room, and cable providers can augment their outdated and expensive hardware boxes.

Long term, Microsoft no doubt intends to kill off cable for good, but until then this is an attractive pitch to consumers.

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