Is the multi-screen future in the hands of DIAL?

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The feature that is the holy grail to many in the VOD world is AirPlay-like functionality, everywhere. A struggle for the studios to embrace what is admittedly embryonic technology, and a jungle of devices means that the closest we’ve got so far has been the pull-based DLNA. Even DLNA hasn’t stopped fragmentation and is not the biggest friend with film-nemesis the codec.

I got an invite to the DLNA House Party but I kept bumping into annoying people with the wrong codecs.

DIAL is out to try and conquer the space where AirPlay currently takes the (proprietary) limelight. Designed to allow a range of devices to talk to each other, it has potential, but of course comes with the caveat that it needs backing and consistency of implementation to succeed.

We’re excited to see if DIAL has a place in helping broadcasters enable multi-screen experiences without getting tangled in technology, and this handy guide can give you a bit more detail so you can make up your own mind.

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