Lasagne with a dash of The Only Way is Essex

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Tesco’s Blinkbox acquisition is showing some colour at long last, in the form of Clubcard TV. As long as you are happy to hold a Clubcard and tell Orwell when you buy baked beans, content is ‘free’. The service is clearly aiming to hoover the stragglers waiting to adopt VOD at a low price point, with that classic Tesco-undercut feeling about it.

Slightly odd is the absence of device support at launch. Sure, they’re coming soon, but with such a low barrier to entry (a Clubcard code!) it is surprising that this wasn’t rolled out on a few more devices than home computers.

This reticence might reflect our concerns that with an AVoD only service, the content deals may not quite be top notch. Combined with streaming costs that have no choice but to be offset by advertising, this cautious launch will test the water better than a burst into your front-room style launch.

Even more pertinent - will Tesco be able to make the same cash out of the same advert after it’s been played 20 times in a row before Dora The Explorer that morning?

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