Intel Inside your living room?

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It is a brave person who tries to predict the future of TV, but The Verge enthusiastically make a case for why Intel could reinvent TV. The argument largely focuses on the fact that Intel have been watching from the sidelines, absorbing everything they can through partnerships in order to carve their own solution.

The Wall Street Journal clearly has some cord-cutting fans within and excitedly ponders the prospect of a new TV service designed from the ground up.

The technology is impressive - much of what has been revealed has featured in various academic circles before - but to launch it in a market-ready device is certainly bold. Whilst both articles are eloquent and make strong observations, we feel like the story is not yet written.

With a strong terrestrial service in the UK and the dominance of BT/Sky/Virgin, I’m cautious to think that any single service is a ‘sure thing’ when it hits these shores. Many services have shown that content and tidy technology doesn’t mean something will be the must-have living room device, if such a thing exists at all. See the Wii vs. Xbox vs. PS3 vs. "No consoles in my house thanks" battle for why living room ubiquity is a struggle even if you have a bucket of cash.

Google and Apple’s content deal problems and lack of a grasp on terrestrial programming have certainly been factor in their underwhelming prominence in the market, but it has always felt deeper than that in the UK. Without a core customer base to ride on, Intel certainly face challenges penetrating a deeply ingrained market.

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