Blackberry Messenger to hit iOS and Android

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Blackberry Messenger

Blackberry are up to something. The once hugely popular messaging service Blackberry Messenger (BBM) is rolling out to iOS and Android. Popular in emerging markets and with younger users, BBM has made waves in the past and dotted the headlines for being a social player in everything from London riots to the Arab Spring.

However, this last year has been a rocky journey for Research In Motion, now known as Blackberry. Blackberry's new Z10 device has suffered some rather fruity rumours about its poor sales, and BBM showed some signs of waning long before these rumours.

BBM has for a long while played a dangerous balancing act with cross-device apps such as WhatsApp not to mention Twitter (no link required!) as well as the highly competitive native messaging apps for iOS and Android. This new move looks like a bid to attract the WhatsApp-types with BBM's fabled feature set.

The real question - what will make someone buy a Blackberry phone now? Soon, the valuable BBM will be elsewhere on a huge range of Android phones. The Z10 is nice, but is it that nice?

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