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Ostmodern hosted the third Axure London Meetup last Wednesday, run by Sandra Sears. The event had a great turnout, with over 40 attendees, interested in learning about responsive prototyping and agile UX. The event also slotted in some time to network, eat pizza and drink beers, which were kindly provided by Axure.

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During this Axure meetup, Sandra focused on the differences between Axure 6.5 and 7, explaining about the new functionality and features that it has. She also took us through her responsive prototype, showing us her solution for how it can be built responsively.

Axure 6.5 does not have a built-in function for creating responsive prototypes, so it had to be created in this way she described as the sentinel. An Italian blog, theInteractive, have put together a great tutorial on how it can be built, found here. The prototype she showed us cleverly detected if a user was moving the browser, by creating an infinite loop that checks the browser size every 250 ms using dynamic panels and event triggered logic. In contrast to this, Axure 7 uses a new feature, adaptive views, that allows responsive prototypes to be built much easier. It was interesting to see how low-fidelity prototyping can be easily implemented in Axure 6.5 and Axure 7 and the improvements that have been made to address responsive design in Axure 7.

I can see how this type of prototyping could be a real advantage when user testing a cross platform product early on in the project, being able to switch devices with ease in a test can could be a real advantage with a more realistic feel. However, would this take more time than building it in HTML and would it be beneficial?

Clive Hughes, UX designer, touched upon this point when talking about agile UX. Trying to finding the right balance between this he said, ‘I’m constantly asking myself whether to prototype in Axure or to do it in code’. This is an interesting point, he later went on to say that if he is unsure of how something works, he prototypes it first and then later shows the developers.

Overall, the third Axure London Meetup was a great success. This was proven by not only the number of people who turned up, but also the prototypes on display. The event was informative and interesting for both visitors and employees of Ostmodern alike and we are looking forward to hosting the next event!

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