Axure London Meetup #2

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Last Wednesday, we hosted the second Axure London Meetup, lead by Sandra Sears. Big thanks again to the lovely people at Axure, who provided the pizza and beers.

This time, Sandra took us through a prototype that replicated the never-ending panorama scroll on Windows Phone devices, and the solution she came up with was genius.


Instead of literally creating a never-ending panorama, Sandra created two identical sections of the panorama side by side. When the user paused on a screen in the second section for more than a second, it switched back to the corresponding screen in the first section. This happened without the user ever noticing. Like I said before, genius.


What struck me most from the first meetup was how differently Sandra used Axure to us. To highlight how we typically use it, I walked through a recent Ostmodern project: the redesign.


In this project, we built low-fidelity Axure prototypes to test the high level proposition. That is to say, were the concepts we'd come up with about how the site should work, and how content should be grouped, etc, suitable for the audience? We needed to test these early, before we went too far down the wrong path, and we generally find that Axure lets us to knock together some meaningful prototypes quickly. It also allows us to iterate quickly during testing, to try lots of things out within a short space of time.

I guess as much as anything, this shows the versatility of Axure: Sandra can use it for high-fidelity, almost production level prototypes, and we can use it right at the start of a project to test ideas with a quick and dirty prototype.

For a more in-depth view of how we prototype and test, check out Pete's post on prototyping and Lucy's thoughts on user testing.

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