Exploring the Global VOD Landscape

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Announcing a new blog series exploring the global video on demand landscape.

As part of Ostmodern’s goal of building on our knowledge and expertise of the global TV and online video landscape, I have spent the past few months investigating the products and audience behaviours in different regions around the world.

Each region comes with its own set of cultural challenges, expectations and experiences. Over the next six weeks I will be sharing a few insights which have emerged from this project in a series of articles published here on the Ostmodern Blog.

Starting this week, this series will examine:

  • the VOD strategies of US TV networks,
  • the adoption of OTT services in Scandinavia,
  • Netflixification in Australia,
  • changing media consumption in Brazil,
  • the use of digital technologies as part of modern Muslim lifestyles in Southeast Asia,
  • and mobile innovation in India.

I’m always keen to hear other people's thoughts and experiences of the global VOD landscape. Please email me any feedback and questions at

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