Do not fear, technology is here to make you happier, citizens!

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The 14” bedroom fishbowl TV is dead. Well, it probably is, according to statistics. The shift to other devices for secondary watching of TV was inevitable. Mobile phones are ubiquitous and the cost of a ‘bedroom TV’ is not far off the cost of a cheap tablet, with far more features than a TV can ever wish to provide.

Compounding this seachange is the alarmingly low price of large TVs. It is no longer the case that people have to crowd round a buzzing 4:3 TV squinting. The big screen TV experience even at the low end of the market is now a rich and intense experience and gives people a real impetus to go watch the ‘best’ TV in the household and improvise elsewhere.

Combine all this together and people are watching less content, right? Wrong. They’re diversifying their viewing. People are now given the choice of sitting in front of the rather-fancy household TV or wandering off and watching at their own convenience on any device of their choice.

To back up these claims, the report looks at the measurement of viewer happiness and emphasises that people are enjoying TV more than ever.

But why? Simple, they say - the choice and breadth of content is making people happier with their TV watching experience. People who were railroaded into watching Coronation Street due to a worn out “3” button on the remote are now able to skim up and down the channels and find something truly of interest. Perhaps they might just walk out the room and watch it later on their phone.

I was fascinated that this study illustrates clearly that TV has adapted enough to continue to act as a medium that reaches all. The influx of cheap smart phones, tablets (and lest we forget, cheap massive TVs) is allowing people of all walks of life to still watch high quality content, despite increasingly divergent behaviours and formats. That’s something we can all celebrate.

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