Apple losing the incredibly immense hyperbolic word war

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Monday Note reports with fine-tooth-combed gusto that Apple is losing the PR war of words against it’s competitors. In a piece that could otherwise seem like a classic correlation but no cause article, Jean-Louis Gassée takes a incisive look into the word-smithing that is making Apple seem rather tangled recently. Apple are masters of hyperbole, and the article points out that the company’s overuse of excitement somewhat undermines the strength of it in comment.

The danger for Apple is that they face two fronts that cannot simply be won with words anymore. On the device front, they are seeing an onslaught of high-performing products from an increasingly aggressive industry in the form of Samsung. Perhaps more subtly, they are facing up to the reality of being a dotcom with services such as iCloud and iTunes Match that require unwavering reliability and care. Their ability to win a war with service and not just words here will be tested to the death, like it or not.

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